Best Practice processing/workflow for Accounts on Navigator

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Best Practice processing/workflow for Accounts on Navigator


Daily items

  1. Review reconcile reports for any imbalances and then deal with either by correcting yourself if you know why it has gone out or contact the Help desk for support.

The Help desk will let you know if it is something you have done wrong and if so talk you through how to correct or if it is a system issue they will review and correct for you.

  1. Collect all daily taking in for all departments. Review and process daily taking journal on to navigator. Either by manual journal or spreadsheet
  2. Nominal Linking -- clear all tills down once daily takings have been posted. this will allow you to see clearly if any items have been cleared to till when they should not have been or if clear to till instead of the bank by error
  3. Post Cashbook items & Reconcile


Weekly Items

  1. Review and close down the vehicle deals from the week before. Used will be easier than New as you made be waiting for costs coming in. ie Bonus Etc
  2. Review WIP to make sure they are releasing internal work correctly & in a timely manner
  3. Allocate internal cost for vehicles if a manual process has been adopted --this can be set as Auto if required
  4. Make sure purchase ledger is up to date
  5. Review Vehicle Debtors and make sure everything is up to date


Monthly Items

  1. Make sure all deals have been closed -- accrue cost if need be to allow this to take place. Run a Scheduled Nominal report on Sales Suspense nominal code as a double-check. if all deals closed this should be empty. If balances are still there this will be down to date/timing issues. You don’t need to do anything with this other than have answered as to why and a schedule behind it.
  2. Make sure cashbook is up to date and reconciles back to Bank & Nominal
  3. Review Vehicle Debtors and act on any item that is outstanding, reconcile back to nominal
  4. Review VAT Return and reconcile back to nominal. Make sure Deposits also reconciled back to Nominal & Debtors report in Vehicle Admin (this is real-time and can’t be backdated)
  5. Review WIP and make sure all that can be invoiced off & Released have been actioned
  6. Post all month end journals -- wages, accruals & prepayments, etc
  7. Post any vehicle write backs
  8. Run Payment run for Purchase Ledger
  9. Reconcile Petty Cash
  10. Send Statements out
  11. Run all month-end reports as you cannot backdate (listed separately)
  12. Run Management Accounts

13. Down load the Composite export from Navigator and import into the platform to be completed

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