Correcting a wrongly paid invoice on purchase ledger

Step 1 – Find out how the incorrect invoice was paid.

This can be done by double clicking the payment within the purchase ledger account and selecting batch (Payments show as type PAY PD).
This will show the batch of the payment.
Example £100 -£100
The code we are interested in is the one where the payment has been deducted from. In this case its

Step 2 – Put the invoice back onto the purchase ledger and reverse the payment.

Go into Accounts > Purchase ledger and select Post invoice.
Please note! All information entered below is for the invoice you cleared by mistake.
• Enter the invoice number that was cleared by mistake.
• Enter the date of the invoice.
• Enter the value of the invoice.
• Make sure you enter the VAT as £0 (VAT has already been processed).
• You should now have the full invoice total to allocate in the nominal posting box, enter the nominal code found in stage 1 (This will net of the bank so you can re-post the payment against the correct invoice).

Please note nominal codes can vary depending on the setup/payment option, make sure you get the correct nominal code from step 1.

• Post the invoice
The invoice is now back on the account and the payment has been reversed, you can now post the payment again against the correct invoice number.