How do I setup Staff Member to View Only Profile

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This guide outlines the set up of a Staff members privileges' to "View Only" access. This may sometimes be needed if a dealership has an Auditor on site and to have view only there is decreased risk of mistakes occurring when the user is Navigating the system.

To action this to be able to Create or Edit a Staff member the user will need access to Setup and Staff Records, If the user does not have access, they will need to contact a member of staff that does this could be a Manager / HR 

Step 1

Select Setup and in the sub category Select Staff Records

Step 2

You will need to have created the Staff Member first, if you are unsure how to do this there is another guide available for this process.

You need to Select the Staff Member that you would like to edit, to do this you can either type the Staff Number if known, or you can use the drop down selection to make your decision. Once you are happy with your selection click "Load"

Step 3

You will need to head over to the "Privileges" tab and click. This will put you in the correct screen to set the privilege to View "Only but there is a step before we select this as it may need to be set up first. The next step will run through this process

Step 4

This process will be to create a Sales Admin Profile which can then be set against the user to all specific permissions, in this case its is for a View Only Profile but this can be adaptable depending on the staff members needs.

You will need to Select "Sales Admin Profiles" this can be found on toolbar at the top of your current screen.

This will then present the window in which you can either select a Profile (if a profile has already been made) or create "New" for the purpose of this guide I will show how to create a "View Only" type profile.

As you can see in the example below there is a profile already set up for "view only" which can be selected but in this case I will show you how to create a new profile. 

To create a new one you will need to select the + which is next to the dropdown selection.

Once selected the + you will need to Name the Profile in this case I have named it "View Only Privileges" then click OK 

Please note you will not have the ability to remove any created profiles, this will need to be removed by DMS Navigator only.

This will take you back to the screen shown and you will need to click "Load"

In the "Admin Screen Pages" you will need to asses and select what is needed, what action you need for the Profile to be set too. To select these you will need to Double click the Status box. You can choose between options:

  • Not Displayed
  • View Only
  • View and Update

Once happy with your selection click into the next tab, "Admin Screen Functions" here you will need to tick the appropriate areas to have access to, for this example I selected various invoice related attributes. Once you have finished you will need to click "Save".

Step 5

You will need to come out of the Staff Record page to Refresh the changes then Select the user you require to have this profile updated.

Once in the user Navigate to Privileges tab and then Select the Sales System tab at the bottom half of the screen, under the header "Vehicle Admin Access" use the dropdown to select the profile you have now created. Then click Save to complete the changes

Please note we cannot apply changes to permissions for you as this is down to your discretion what access is needed for each staff member.

Any user with this Selected Profile should then be able to use the permission within this setup.

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