The 1st step is to run the Pipeline Profit report in the Sales Managers Toolkit.

Sales Managers Toolkit -- Reports --Pipeline Profit Report


The first drop-down box "Select On" change to Invoice Date

Date From --the 1st of the month you are dealing with

Date To --the last date of the month you are dealing with

Invoiced Deals Only -- leave as default --Both Ordered and Invoiced

Vehicle Type -- leave as default -- Both

Open Deals Only -- leave the tick in as you only want to see what is to be closed

Branches -- you can select more than 1 branch by selecting the drop-down and ticking which branches you want to see


Once the selection has been made click on the report button

The following report will then appear


A listed vehicle that has been invoiced off will appear and from here you can double click into each deal to review and close.



Make sure you check the Profit Analysis report

Sales Status -- Profit Analysis



This is the only place that you will see the actual profit before the deal is closed. 

This will also show you the Margin VAT element that has been deducted

You are looking to make sure all costs have been posted and that you are happy with the Actual Profit

once happy you can select the close button at the bottom right-hand corner this will take you back to the stock record


The deal can be closed by selecting the "Close Deal " button along the top


If there are any items outstanding the system will warn you, these items can be:

Settlement payment not posted

Open workshop jobs

Unallocated costs from workshop or parts.

Vehicle not delivered.


When closing deal down a box will appear the box will also identify any further issues.

The number that shows in this box is your staff ID.

This box will list anything that it thinks should be posted for example Bonus, Purchase Invoice, etc.

You need to review and correct any items that the system has flagged.


You want to only see you Staff ID in the box or be sure if anything else shows that this is correct before closing.  It will default to the invoice date, this can be left or changed if you want to deal into a different month.

The system knows which branch has sold the vehicle and this will remain the same for the accounts postings. So the pipeline Profit Report allows you to review and close deals down without the need to be changing branches all the time.